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S.E.Regional race on May 5-6, 2007 in Peachtree City, Georgia - by Jeff Dein.

Published in June 2007 BMX Today.
Posted in October 2007.

After eight long years, national points racing returned to the legendary William L. Davis BMX facility in Peachtree City, GA, the weekend of May 5-6. Peachtree’s one of the oldest NBL tracks in the country and hosted many large nationals throughout the ‘80s.

Mention Peachtree to any old schooler and he’ll likely get misty-eyed remembering camping under the pines in the parking lot, big jumps and seeing dozens of local residents pull up in their golf carts to see what the excitement’s about. 20 years have passed since those days but the jumps and golf carts are still a staple along with modern day updates such as permanent registration/bathroom facilities and paved berms courtesy of help from track sponsors Maxxis, Toyota Scion, Cloned BMX, Sweet Bros. Graphix, Bicycles Unlimited, Bawls energy drink, Amelia Concrete Fusion and Fayette Rental.

51 motos of racing went down over the weekend under abnormally forgiving weather. Tom Izor and Coastal Bike supply set up shop, adding some big race environment to the event. The race went off without a hitch and hopefully the weekend’s success will secure bigger races for the track in the future.

Before the first gate dropped the crowd was treated to a sentimental moment. Ruth and Dan Asci, who served the Peachtree track over the course of two decades, made a rare appearance to read the invocation and hold the flag during the national anthem. While the moment may have been lost on visiting families, all of us locals were glad to see them and owe them a ton of thanks for some of our best BMX memories.

The first moto of the day was the Elite Open class comprised of four riders on Saturday and five on Sunday - a rare treat for the crowd at a regional. Local Alex Gore won everything Saturday. On Sunday, Columbia transplant Marty Wisehart got the holeshot from the middle but Jayson Busbee, who sat Saturday out, made a low block pass in the first turn that put Wisehart on the ground and balled Gore up on the top of the berm. Gore recovered but Busbee had good track speed to keep Gore two bikes back til the last straight where he gassed and Alex went by for the double.

12 Novice was a three-way mixup on Saturday between Eli Scott, Ayrton Leiser and Colin Frizzell all having their moments but Scott took the win. On Sunday, Leiser got it together and perfected the motos only to blow up while leading the main. After a few minutes on the deck, Ayrton popped up and threw his helmet on to finish the lap but his bike must’ve blown up as his dad shut the parade lap down. At least he went out swinging.

One class the crowd was the most vocal for was the 35+ novice rack, which was a battle between locals Adam Gardner and Ricky "Bobby" Dailey. Gardner took the majority of the motos but Dailey uncorked double main wins - his first regional wins ever. Even more impressive was that he was rumored to have had to go to the hospital for an unknown injury Saturday night yet still uncorked one on Sunday.

Two of the best straights vs. turns battles went down in the 11-12 girls and 14 rookie classes. Cheyenne Grant had the straightaway speed to holeshot Stephanie Baker almost every lap but Baker carved much more aggressively than Grant and it paid off in both mains. Likewise, Ryan Grijalva is a big strong kid who overpowered the smaller Chandler Goff in 14 rookie but rode high in all the berms while Goff carved low and played the waiting game in the straights to pass Grijalva, once with a block pass in the second turn and once by railing over the top of Grijalva in the last turn for double main wins in what was arguably the most exciting class of the weekend.

There were a ton of other great laps put in over the course of the weekend so check the results to see how your favorite riders did. A big thanks is in order for Shayne and Anthony Robinson for pumping new life into the Peachtree City track in the past year, all of the volunteers who helped make the race a success, the track sponsors for helping keep the facility alive and growing, Dave and Erma Miller for making the trip up for a nostalgic weekend and most importantly, all of the families that came out despite lots of recent races in the area and a questionable forecast to support and enjoy the race.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another eight years for a big race to return to historic Peachtree City.

Elite Master

All the Photos above were taken by Tom Izor, go to Tom Izor website and order some high quality photos!

Below is a sample of photos taken by Annette Vargas and Will Chauvet.

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Note of thanks:

The PTC Parents Association would like to thank all riders (and their parents) that came to our regional race over the 5-6 May weekend. The weather looked looked bad, but you still chose to travel - thank you, we hope you had a good time.

Our volunteers did a great job preparing for, and during the event - thank you all for you contribution to it's success.

Also, we would like to thank the city of PTC and especially the PTC recreation department for their help and support, and the NBL for allowing us to host a regional race.